Additional Serious Trulicity Side Effects

Apart from the above listed adverse effects, Trulicity side effects have also been linked to visual abnormalities, hypoglycemia, renal issues (including kidney failure), severe allergic responses, and severe stomach issues. It’s critical that you get medical help right away if you’ve encountered any of these Trulicity side effects.

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It’s critical that you disclose any negative side effects you may have had from using Trulicity. The FDA urges people to report drug-related issues by contacting 1-800-332-1088 or using the MedWatch Voluntary Reporting Form. Please describe in full any negative effects you have had from Trulicity, such as gastroparesis, gallbladder problems, or any other difficulties.


You can be qualified for a Trulicity lawsuit if you had other severe side effects such as gastroparesis or gallbladder problems following your medication use. Getting legal counsel from a Nashville Trulicity attorney is essential to building a strong case and fighting for the money you are due. A Trulicity attorney will assess your allegation, compile pertinent proof, and assist you with the court proceedings.


Handling a Trulicity claim can be difficult, requiring knowledge of pharmaceutical and products liability law. By working with a Nashville Trulicity attorney, you may take advantage of their expertise and case management experience. A knowledgeable Trulicity attorney will collaborate closely with medical professionals, look into any connections between Trulicity and your side effects, bargain with the pharmaceutical company’s legal counsel, and pursue just recompense on your behalf.

It is essential to locate an experienced and trustworthy Trulicity lawyer if you believe you qualify for a Trulicity case and you need legal assistance. One name that immediately comes to mind is Timothy L. Miles, a well-known and well-respected attorney in Nashville. He has a wealth of experience and is well-known for his high moral standards and diligent work ethic. Most recently, the National Trial Lawyers Association named him one of the Top 25 Class Action Lawyers. He has also maintained an AV rating from Martindale-Hubble since 2014, been named a 2023 Top Rated Litigator and 2023 Top Rated Lawyer by Martindale-Hubble and ALM, and was named a 2023 Elite Lawyer of the South by Martindale-Hubble for the fifth year in a row. Additionally, Miles was honored with the Avvo Client’s Choice Award in 2021, appeared in the Top 100 Lawyers Magazine in 2022, and was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by Premier Lawyers of America (2019).


In the event that your Trulicity case is successful, you can be eligible for compensatory damages, such as:

Previous and prospective health care costs

Suffering and anguish, particularly psychological discomfort

Diminished earning potential and lost earnings

Punitive damages are another sanction that the court may use to hold the offender accountable for their deeds in specific circumstances. The severity of your injuries and how they affect your quality of life are only two of the many variables that will determine the precise amount of compensation.

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