Dump Pouch Direct Action Tactical Gear

If you felt like it, you could put a dump pouch on your pouch. It is a sturdy bag that does not jiggle around much, and I wish it had some leg retention. The number of attachment points helps with this as well. If you got this sucker caught on a door handle, the door handle is going to come with you. If you are shopping in a physical store, you have to try the item the same way. The Dump Pouch is a product of Flatline Fiber Co.

There are two or three molle cells on either side of it if you don’t. There are areas where it could be better. The footprint is larger than average with three MOLLE cells. It might not seem like a big deal, but it could prove to be an issue for people with smaller waists.

A 150 round siege belt, five hand grenades, eight AR magazines, and anything else you deem mission essential are all compatible with our new Dump Pouch. In addition to its compact size and large storage capacity, the Cole TAC Compact Dump Pouch also features a memory Filament in the pouch’s rim. It’s easy to store empty magazines or other items inside, even without looking, because the pouch deploys quickly and keeps the mouth open.

dump pouch

Leg straps are fairly common, but they may not be the neatest option. The Tactical Tailor Fight Light is a great dump pouch that would serve you well. It is backed by a trusted name. The Tactical Tailor Fight Light is a well-known name in the military gear industry.

Quick Release Belt

Anyone with an eye can see that you are a pack mule and probably an arsenal carrying a ton of MAGPUL AR (or AK for the more refined ladies out there) mags. They roll up, but don’t expect it to fit in your belt line Mag pouch because of the cordura cylinder hanging off your backside. Everyone can use a helping hand. It’s a situation where you wish you had more easily accessible person storage without adding too much bulk.

What Should Be Considered When Buying Dump Pouches

Like a game of goldilocks, there will be too much, too little, and finally a happy medium in regards to both dollars and features. Everyone could use a helping hand. All Armasen Tactical products are covered by a limited warranty. The Dump Pouch gives the user an extra large pocket on demand. The two point clip on the front of the pouch prevents the pouch from moving during operations.

Although it is marketed as a medium, I would consider it a wide load. There is not much to say about the pouch. Nowadays, a trade off is dump pouches. Either you find a lightweight pouch, but it has limited capacity and fragile construction, or you find one with increased capacity, but it is heavy. The belt is great for qualification trips.

When rolled up using the pull tab, it will take up less space than under magazine pouches. It can be moved easily from a battle belt to a normal belt and back again, because it tucks away neatly. It has a pouch to stuff your pouch in, but nothing else. In a pinch, this dump pouch would be great, but you need the belt real estate for more important items.

The Dump Pouch is a product of Flatline Fiber Co. We have created a dump pouch that is more versatile than a standard dump pouch. To maintain a higher quality, our products are manufactured one at a time and are made to order. We require a manufacturing time of 2 weeks from the date of order. It can be done without taking your eyes off. To open the Hook and loop trunk lid, twist the rim in half.

For range days or duty use, the Relyant Solutions Dump Pouch is useful. It can hold anything you want to throw in. It can be attached to belts in any size. The pouch can be deployed with only one movement thanks to the pull tab release system. The hard plastic stiffener in the front of the pouch allows the mouth to pop open and provide a structured opening for easy access to items. The user can cinch the top of the pouch with the routed elastic shock cord and hold the tail out of the way with the internal loop tab.

The wide load category of dump pouches is finally here. The LBT and gear dump pouches are part of this classification. They can carry a lot of equipment.

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