How to Fix a Surface Pro That Won’t Turn On

There are several methods to troubleshoot and fix your Microsoft Surface Pro if it won’t switch on. Elimination is frequently a good way to solve the problem. Prioritize the more complicated possible reasons after addressing the more obvious ones.

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The Reasons Behind a Microsoft Surface Not Charging

There are several reasons why a Surface Pro might be broken or dead. Usually, the issue only becomes apparent when it has a commensurate solution. We take you through a list of potential reasons in this tutorial, beginning with the most typical.

How to Solve a Non-Turning Surface Pro

To restore functionality to your Surface Pro, adhere to following instructions.

Give the battery a recharge. Your Surface Pro’s battery may run out if you use it or any other Surface device for a lengthy amount of time without plugging it in. Press the power button located in the upper-left corner of the device after inserting the charging wire.

Even if you don’t use the device, the battery may drain faster than you would anticipate depending on how you set up the hibernation settings because the gadget is always on even when it seems to be suspended.

Examine the charging cord for the Surface. Even after being plugged in, if your Surface remains off, there’s a chance that the charging cable is broken. Examining the white LED light on the end of the charging cable that attaches to the Surface’s side is the simplest method to determine whether it is damaged. When the cable connects to the Surface properly, the LED illuminates immediately. There are a couple potential fixes if the light doesn’t turn on:

After removing the cord, re-plug the Surface Pro into the wall.

After removing the cord from the power outlet, re-plug it.

Use a new power outlet to try.

Plug the cable in the other direction after reversing it.

Examine the cable for any damaged wiring. In several points, slightly bend the cable. Should the charging light flicker when the cable is moved, it is broken and requires replacement.

Do a soft reset. A soft reset is a typical solution for Surface computers that won’t turn on or are frozen. You may force a computer to restart without erasing any data, preferences, or applications by using a soft reset.

Press the keyboard shortcut to turn on the Surface Pro. Press the Windows logo key plus Ctrl+Shift+B to turn on your Surface if it has a Type Cover, Touch Cover, or other keyboard connected.

Take away every Surface attachment. The ability of a Surface Book, Laptop, Go, or Pro to power on correctly may occasionally be impacted by connected devices. Before hitting the power button on your Surface, unplug any keyboards, mice, and other USB devices from it.

Speak with Microsoft technical help. Contact the retailer where you bought the Surface or the official Microsoft support service if you have attempted all of these fixes and your Surface Pro still won’t switch on. Customers may receive technical help at official Microsoft Store locations. Alternatively, you can use the Microsoft Support website to chat with support staff.


How come I can’t seem to turn on Bluetooth on my Surface Pro?

Check for Bluetooth driver updates, restart the Bluetooth service, and restart your computer if your PC isn’t operating with Bluetooth. Use the Windows Bluetooth troubleshooter if the issues persist.

Why won’t my Surface Pro keyboard’s light turn on?

Make sure the Fn key is not used in order to switch on the keyboard lighting. Then, to change the lighting, hit F7 on your keyboard or use the F1 and F2 keys.

When I open my Surface Pro, why doesn’t it switch on automatically?

When you close the lid, your computer may be configured to hibernate or shut down. To modify it, select what happens when the lid closes under Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options.