Ways to Recognize Bitcoin Fraud

It’s prudent to verify whether an address is real before completing a transaction, especially with the rise in cryptocurrency fraud in recent years. Using a scam warning tool or the Bitcoin abuse website are two of the few options to verify a Bitcoin address.

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Bitcoin Abuse Information

The website provides information on a bogus or incorrect address. You may report bitcoin frauds and track down situations that other people have reported on the website. The website will provide you important details about the address you are investigating, such as how many times it has been reported, how many transactions there have been overall, and how much Bitcoin you have received.

Website for “Scam Alert”

According to the website, its goal is to expose hackers and con artists that use blockchain technology and utilize it for illegal purposes in order to make blockchain a safer platform. Any kind of cryptocurrency scam may be reported. A statement stating that the address has been verified as a fraud and that no transactions should be made to it will appear on the website once a scam address has been investigated.

How safe is Remitano in your opinion?

Remitano is the safest cryptocurrency exchange I have used since I began trading in 2017. Remitano receives a 9 from me on a scale of 1 to 10. I’ve been buying and selling bitcoin on Remitano since 2017, and I have never lost a penny due to fraud or any other unfavorable circumstance.

Since its creation in 2015, Remitano is perhaps the only well-known exchange that has remained unhacked. Remitano has extremely strict security to guarantee the protection of user payments.

The most incredible security feature on the platform is the Remitano escrow tool for peer-to-peer transactions. Purchasing bitcoin using the reliable escrow service for peer-to-peer transactions means you won’t lose a cent. When the deal is started, the escrow freezes the seller’s bitcoin. You can be sure that no one will con you in this way.

The most concerning security incident I had on Remitano occurred when a vendor attempted to use deception to avoid paying me for the bitcoin I had paid for. After I showed evidence of payment, my Bitcoin was released after being detained for a few days.

Remitano’s rating system, however, currently only guarantees that you interact with reputable vendors as a means of safeguarding their brand.

With an average trust rating of 4.5 across several review sites, such as Facebook and TrustPilot, Remitano is also the most reliable cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

How can I avoid falling for a scam?

We offer escrow service for the protection of all online dealings. A trade’s worth of Bitcoins are immediately reserved from the seller’s Remitano Wallet at the beginning of the exchange. This implies that you may initiate a dispute from the deal and offer evidence of payments if the seller disappears with your money and refuses to release your Bitcoins. Remitano.com support will then be able to release the Bitcoins from escrow. Never release the escrow before you have confirmation that the buyer of your bitcoins has paid you.

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