Why Experiences Make the Greatest Gifts This Year

My children have been fortunate enough to receive gifts from their loved ones on a regular basis, and they have never been without anything. So, beginning with their third birthday, we stopped giving them toys and trinkets and instead focused on going on adventures and creating memories.

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This is how you can give the gift of an incredible experience without having to wrap it.

Consider what they will adore.

My children are always very different from each other because they have very different interests and passions. My younger daughter is natural and wildlife-loving, so overnights at zoos and one-on-ones with dolphins have been her favorite adventures. My artistic older daughter usually receives performance-based gifts, such as tickets to Broadway plays and the ballet.

To find out if the recipient of your gift would be open to trying something different, it can sometimes be beneficial to think a little outside the box. My parents enjoyed the pottery class I gave them a few years ago, but it’s possible they haven’t taken up pottery as a hobby. However, they have frequented the store multiple times to purchase the proprietor’s creations.

Remember your budget

It’s possible to go over budget for this (dinner and a Broadway show don’t come cheap), but you don’t even need to spend any money to give the gift of a fun evening. A day at the lake, an exciting hike or bike ride, or an enjoyable day of baking or crafting at home could be your gift to them.

Demonstrate your own abilities

Use your knowledge of what you know they enjoy doing or a skill they might want to learn to inspire your special event. You may spend the day contentedly planting new bulbs in their garden or teaching them how to tango.

Enjoy the experience of presenting!

Every year we give my kids a note detailing the adventures of the previous year, usually illustrated with silly pictures that have something to do with the gift. We went a bit overboard the year we took them to Universal Studios and Disney World, bringing with us an owl balloon and a letter inspired by Harry Potter that invited them to Hogwarts.

If you still want to give them something they can open, include a small memento that is associated with the gift, such as a nice canteen if you’re taking them camping or a paint-by-numbers kit if your gift is a trip to the art museum.

Choose whether or not to tag along.

I’d highly suggest it if it’s feasible, even though you’re not required to participate in the experience.

Planning and attending our daughters’ birthday parties is a yearly tradition that my spouse and I alternate. We consider it an incredible gift to ourselves as well as a priceless opportunity to spend that kind of one-on-one time with our daughters.

Contemplate your options.

To find the ideal gift, research and searching do take some time. To spark your imagination, consider a few of these gift ideas:

Tickets for a performance, play, sporting event, or musical

Cooking, dancing, sports, or craft classes or lessons

camping excursion

Tickets to theme parks

Visit a museum or stay the night

Riding horses

Movie night

Establishing a Garden

Day of baking or crafts

treasure hunt

Zoo or aquarium animal encounters

Water sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding

Biking or hiking

A night of games

A culinary tour or tasting adventure

A historical walking tour

Visit the aquarium or zoo

Day at the Spa

Afternoon picnic

Tea gathering

Day at the Beach

midday meal

cuisine celebration

playing video games all day

Together, engage in a sport

Proceed to fish.

Tour of the garden

Making of cocktails class

An enjoyable mode of transportation, such as a sailboat trip, helicopter tour, or hot air balloon ride

Visitation of a wildlife sanctuary

Doing skydiving or ziplining

Sneaking or skiing

Playing golf—either a tadpole or a pro—

Room of escape

Rollerblading on ice or

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