Youth Compose And Report A Track In 2 Days

It is entitled “A Folio of Fun.” Mrs. Alexander will be assisted by her husband, and Mr. James Gee presides on the pianoforte. The leisure is extremely spoken of. We have acquired from Mr. Egremont-Gee a track simply written and set to music – Welcome, Prince Alfred to Adelaide. The air is simple, but pleasing, and the versification above the common. The printing is well executed, and the piece altogether deserving of patronage.

He was earlier than his time in that . Mr. Gardiner can provide two or three comic songs tolerably properly, but his performing, especially of dignified characters, is much beneath mediocrity . On Saturday final the Monarch steamer went on a pleasure trip to Birch’s Bay.

who has been organist of Trinity Church in San Francisco for six years. All the distinguished singers and musicians, each skilled and amateurs, are to participate, assisted by “Orphan’s Choral Society” of Oakland.

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Upon this most of them left; but Mr. Gale, the well-known vocalist, who formed one of many firm, was inclined to take a seat a little longer. Inspector Rose, of the Mounted Police, who was additionally 160 Eagle Creek Road, WEROMBI NSW 2570 Australia there, jocosely, as we are informed, offered to turn him out –

Youth Compose And Report A Track In 2 Days

A brilliant and busy work by Nicola Matteis, “Ground After the Scotch Humour”, was then energetically and finely played, bringing this very attention-grabbing and enjoyable concert to an in depth. The concert started with Aria Sopra “La Bergamasca” by Marco Uccellini. It was the perfect opening, being shiny and vibrant. Ma described it as a “lusty courtship dance”. Maria Searles then played the first motion from “Harpsichord Partita #1”. It was a haunting, melodic work and Searles played it superbly.

More essential awards (peerages, counties, duchies) come earlier than less necessary ones like AoAs and Cockatrices. Where there is a tiebreaker required, it comes right down to the precedence and dates of the other awards they’ve obtained. We listing right here the best award and the number of other awards they’ve, for comparability. Unfortunately, awards listed in Canon Lore without a particular date obtained are unable for use in calculating the Order of Precedence.

She also accompanied him to outlying church buildings to play the harmonium for services (e.g. at Branxton on 3, 10, 17 September 1865, and at Rothbury as late as 29 June 1869). Mr. Glen, who was sixty six years of age, had an attack of influenza some four months ago, and his lungs changing into affected he steadily became worse, and died as stated. He leaves a widow, but no youngsters.

“Hail to thee, Riflemen,” with a chorus for 4 voices, the music being by Mr. Henry Pounsett, and the words by Mr. Donald McLeod . A copy of a new piece of music beneath the above title has been handed to us. The Polka is the manufacturing of Mrs. Henry F. Price, of Kensington, and is devoted to the Commander of the Kent Rifle Company, Capt. Herford. It has been lithographed by Messrs. Penman & Galbraith, of Rundle-street, and, as a specimen of colonial lithography, it is perhaps superior to something hitherto produced in the colony . We have seen a proof of the prize music to the Song of Australia,

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Miss Lucy Long and the Railway Galop were loudly applauded. We perceive their last efficiency shall be given at Mr. Hammond’s this evening. He shouldn’t enter into the query as as to if instrumental music should be employed; and on the question of singing nicely there might he no room for difference of opinion.

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whereas it yielded a most ample return, and was within the attain of all. Thomas Gardiner, a man of colour, was charged with loitering in Hindley-street, and not giving a passable account of himself. The prisoner, who is what’s termed “a sneak,” was seen by P.C. Morrison, about eleven o’clock on Saturday night, in the yard of the “Royal Admiral,” when the cook dinner of that establishment, additionally a darkey, was discovered handing a bundle to the prisoner, which contained a amount of meat and a new loaf.

– On the 1st inst., at St. Paul’s Church, by the Rev. S. L. Chase, Gustav Gerlach, professor of music, 161 Collins-street east, to Bertha, solely daughter of Mr. Edward Schafer, of Melbourne. Under the patronage of the TOTAL ABSTINENCE SOCIETIES OF MELBOURNE.