Contemporary, Mid Century And Trendy Area Rugs

The value of panel subdivisions for controlling patterns was found in a easy rectangular model by the Upper Paleolithic Period. On carpets, the lattice provides the best division of the sector, often a diagonal lattice as seems on an embroidered carpet found in an excavated tomb. The so known as vase pattern, a characteristic subject design of the Persian court carpets of the Shh Abbs period, is constructed from the ogee, a sample that turned prominent in Middle Eastern textile design in the 14th century.

Synthetic silks are much less durable than the true thing. The Italian rug firm Nodus has collaborated with the DWA studio on a rug known as the ‘Banda’. A soumak knot is used to assemble the woollen piles, a way that originated from the Middle East. Nodus is a company that combines traditional hand making with innovation.